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Programmes in Erebuni

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ErebuniArmenian-French collaboration

With the aim of continuing and widening archaeological studies in the Erebuni settlement, the Culture-Preserve has collaborated with the archaeological mission of Bretan (France) in a four-year joint project (2008-2011). The project operates with the approval of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with assistance from the Armenian Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Communication and the National Center of Scientific Research. The aim of this collaboration is the exchange of scientific and technical information between the various parties, the scientific recognition and valorization of the site, the safe preservation of current and future discoveries, as well as the preservation and stimulation of cultural projects. Other aims of the co-operation include bringing together scientific and educational documentation of observations from previous years, and demonstrating the area’s significance in this respect to students involved in the excavations of the local area. The work of the combined Armenian-French expedition in the Erebuni citadel, carried out between June 7 and June 18, 2010, was presented on June 15, 2010 to a joint press conference in the Culture-Preserve by the director of the Preserve’s Armenian section, Mr G. Gyrujyan, the manager of the expedition’s Armenian contingent, Prof. Ashot Piliposyan, and the manager of the French contingent, Prof. Stephane Dechamp.


Educational programs for schoolchildren and young people

Innovations for schools providing general education


Taking into consideration the role of historical and cultural heritage in education, encouragement of ongoing public interest and the furthering of civil society, the Culture-Preserve in 2010 put forward an innovative plan to help with the recognition and appreciation of the Erebuni archaeological site, involving schoolchildren and teachers. The plan aims to incorporate all schools in providing general education in this field throughout Armenia, and its aims are to:

  • contribute to the process of incorporating the Erebuni site as an educational resource in school programs;
  • contribute to awareness of the need, from an early school age, to preserve historical and cultural heritage;
  • contribute to the awakening of interest in schoolchildren towards research of historical places and monuments; and
  • contribute to the preservation of heritage by schoolchildren (as a sense of responsibility contingent on the entire community).

Within the frame of this program, the Culture-Preserve gives an opportunity for schoolchildren and teachers to:

  • Organise classes in the Culture-Preserve of Urartian history including free access to the permanent exhibition;
  • Organise open-air painting classes within the Erebuni site, including the citadel (subject to the weather);
  • Provide an opportunity for adults to take part in excavation work, and, where appropriate, carry out preservation work.

In 2010, within the framework of this program, the Culture-Preserve collaborated with schools N35, N45, N64 and N123 in providing general education within the Erebuni district of Yerevan.


Heritage classes collaboration

The Culture-Preserve has created a ‘Heritage classes’ with the help of its Armenian Business-2-Community Connection organisation and the children of the Kojoyan school complex.  The aim of this innovation is to acquaint the children receiving these cultural classes with the significance of this historical and cultural site.  It also allows them the opportunity to appreciate the spirit of the site within this environment.  The first phase of the program involves the children of the school taking part in an introductory class, hosted by an employee of the Culture-Preserve.  This is followed by a visit to the Culture-Preserve and the site itself. The third phase involves members taking part in practical training within the archaeological site, and completing a written presentation on the theme, ‘The pages of the history of Yerevan with my eyes’.  The Kojoyan school has been the first to take part in this ‘Heritage class’ with Mikayel Badalyan, one of the Culture-Preserve’s excursion guides.  It is anticipated the work of the students will be presented in a forthcoming temporary exhibition at the Culture-Preserve.

Erebuni Settlement

Souvenirs' shop in Museum



In Erebuni museum we have a gifts' and souvenirs' shop inside where you can buy different type of souvenirs relating to a particular topic.