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images/erebuni-0231.jpgThe Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, Tigran Sargsyan, visited the “Karmir Blur” historical site on the 2nd December, 2009 in person to acquaint himself with some of its conservation issues.  In early 2009 an oversight service of the government had inspected the Karmir Blur area and reported that a part of the 40 acre site was covered with building refuse and approximately 1.5 acres was occupied by tombs.

The Director of the Historical & Archeological Culture-Preserve of Erebuni, Gagik Gyurjyan,  informed the Prime Minister about the problems encountered at this historical site and pointed out the significance of the site to scientific research, particularly with regards to the Teyshebaini fortress, which was built in the 6th century BC and has survived to the present day in a fairly intact state.  Excavations in Karmir Blur have ceased today because of the present situation.

What is the future of  this historical site and what are the first steps that should be taken to  restore and preserve it?  To discuss these matters the Prime Minister held a preliminary meeting with the Culture Minister, Mayor of Yerevan and other officials where he was informed that the demarcation problem of the cemetery and the site had been resolved.

At the end of his visit Tigran Sargsyan informed journalists that the priority of the government was the preservation of these three millennia historical sites.  He said that  in the coming months the Government would develop a strategic plan with the primary aim of helping preserve the historic site and subsequently to help make the site a tourist attraction.  The Prime Minister also added that an agreement had been reached with the Asian Bank for a road to be built to the outskirts of Karmir Blur making the site the focus of greater attention.

Karmir Blur Settlement

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