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Erebuni archaeological site was represented at Warsaw

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From June 17-21 at the Institute of Archaeology at Warsaw University was held a conference on the Armenian archaeology, in participation of Mikayel Badalyan, the researcher of Erebuni museum-reserve. The latter had a talk on ‘’the iconography of supreme deity depicted on the shield of Andzav’’ as well as he participated in a number of lectures followed by the conference giving a lecture on the theme ‘’Erebuni: the past, the present and the prospects’’.

Within the last years’ accomplishments of the museum-reserve a special attention was given to educational programs; for this purpose was represented two-year experience of ‘’Junior Archaeologist’s School’’ was represented at the conference.

In the framework of this conference were held also useful meetings with the archaeologists and responsible persons in the sphere of archaeology. Specialists from Armenia also visited the laboratories of paleozoology and paleoanthropology, got acquainted with the Polish experience how to work with archaeological materials. Mikayel Badalyan and the other attendees of conference were awarded a medal of the Institute of Archaeology at Warsaw University.