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Armenian-French archaeological expedition continues excavations at Erebuni

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Within the Armenian-French scientific and technical collaboration realized since 2008, on July 2, 2013 was launched the process of excavations at Erebuni fortress. The excavations will be conducted to the east of Haldie temple, the aim of which is to give a more precise definition of chronology and find out the initial route.

The excavations will be carried out in the eastern part of Haldie temple as well. In parallel to the archaeological surveys, the pottery and the artifacts uncovered in the excavated parts of the site will be studied as well. These data will be compared to the structural elements in the north of the temple and it will allow approaching the dating problem of the grand pillared hall.

As a whole, the excavations will help us to form an idea whether life continued in Erebuni within the periods of Late Urartu and Achaemenid Empire. All these will help us to revise the dating of ‘’apadana’’ (ceremonial hall) as well, which most possibly dates back to the 1st half of the 6th century.

Taking into consideration the high flexibility of mud brick, the archaeological team and the museum should focus on the permanent preservation of some structures (such as water pipes with the basin) uncovered last year. They are also going to discuss the possibility whether to leave this section of excavations open and display or not.

The initiator of the excavations is “Erebuni” Historiacal & Archaeological Museum-Reserve. As from 2008-2012 the leader of French archaeological team is Stephane Deschamps, the head of Bretan Archaeological Service. Armenian archaeological team is headed by Anna Azizyan, the head of scientific research department of museum-reserve. Excavations will last a month.

The French archaeologists will give cognitive lectures for those who are interested in the preservation of archaeological heritage and the archaeology by the initiative of Erebuni Historiacal & Archaeological Museum-Reserve. Further information will be given on the themes and date of the lectures.