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Proffesional lectures at Erebuni museum

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These days on “Erebuni” Historiacal & Archaeological Museum-Reserve initiative, archaeologists from France, who are conducting excavations at Erebuni fortress, are going to give a theme and professional lectures.

The aim of these lectures is to enhance the professional knowledge of Armenian young archaeologists and increase the communication of modern methods of excavations and preservation, the work and experience of French archaeological service.

The lectures will be held at Erebuni museum on July 26, at 15: Free access. Limited seats (50 seats).

July 24, 2013, at 15:00

  • The valorization and explanations of Upper Normandy antique and medieval heritage to the public /Vincenzo Mutarelli (France), Saint Maritim department/
  • Urban Archaeology of Bretan / Stephane Deschamps (the head of Bretan Archaeological Service)

July 26, 2013, at 15:00

The archaeology of Norman Castles / Francois Fiche de Clerfontaie, France, the head of Lower Normandy archaeological service/