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Counter look. Normandy Erebuni

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Tomorrow, on July 26 on “Erebuni”  Historiacal & Archaeological Museum-Reserve initiative Francois Fiche de Clerfontaie, the head of Lower Normandy archaeological service, will give a lecture ‘’Counter look. Normandy Erebuni’’ introducing the archaeological materials of Normandy of the same period

when one of the most powerful kings of Urartu Arghishti I founded Erebuni city-fortress, the cradle of Yerevan.  The parallels of French specialist will let us appreciate the architecture, economy and culture of Urartu once more in the context of ancient world’s history, as well as to enhance the historical & archaeological role of Erebuni for our region and Yerevan.

The specialist from France will have another theme talk on the registration of Norman castles and methods of registration and research.

The lectures will be held at Erebuni museum on July 26, at 15: Free access. Limited seats (50 seats).