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Rome. the contemporary of my city

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This year Armenia will join the European Heritage Days for the 10th times, confirming its membership to the European culture family. Since 1991 this initiative, held in all over Europe, has been appreciated as an expected event by millions of Europeans. Due to this, the national heritage is regarded as common wealth of Europe, breaking down the barriers connected with the difference of cultures and languages. Since then, European council and European Committee jointly declare the launch of the European Heritage Days.

On August 30, towards the European Heritage Days in Armenia, a photo exhibition is put at Erebuni Historiacal & Archaeological Museum-Reserve - the most symbolic place of Yerevan which aims to introduce the heritage and the unique beauty of “Eternal city’’  Rome, the contemporary city of Yerevan. The exhibition is entitled as ‘’Rome. the contemporary of my city’’. The photos were taken by Karine Danielyan, an architect, diplomat, who took them during her diplomatic mission in Italy.

In the context of  the title ‘’the heirs of heritage’’ suggested by the Ministry of Culture, RA, the exhibition is addressed to the heirs of Yerevan and reminds of everyone’s duty being the inhabitant of historic city, The exhibition is planned to ‘’have a walk’’ with the help of photos about the city which is considered as the treasure of Europe.  Two illustrated wallpapers will symbolize the start and the end of the exhibition, representing the crossed look from Rome to Yerevan. The exhibition is a new opportunity for the visitors to think over the preservation and importance of Yerevan and compare the foundation histories of Yerevan and 29 years younger Rome. The exhibition is put on August 30, 2013 and will be held till October 30, 2013.