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Maestro Hovhannes Cheqijans anniversary at Erebuni

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Today, series of events dedicated to the 85th anniversary of Maestro Hovhannes Cheqichyan were launched from ‘’Erebuni’’ Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve, the cradle of Yerevan.

To meet the eminent conductor, Museum-Reserve hosted responsible persons and specialists, in Armenian cultural heritage preservation who came to wish all the best to the honored worker and respectable citizen with all their hearts.

Opening the homage event, Gagik Gyurjyan, the director of the museum-reserve, specified, that, if already a decade the world views the performing technique as  intangible heritage and appeals to keep it and pass to the future generations, so for over a half century, Hovh. Cheqijyan assumed the high mission to insert deeply the capella of Armenia in the national treasury of our culture.

Accompanied by the music performance of a pianist Mikayel Gabrielyan, the guests watched a slide show entitled as “The hero of Our times’’ prepared in partnership of museum-reserve and “Photolur” agency. It showed the selected photos of the maestro including photos from Nemrut still library. He got surprised by many photos and tried to comment them for the guests.

Maestro was greeted and wished all the best by S. Geghamyan, the head of the Board of Modern Art, Ministry of Culture, RA; A. Abroyan, the head of agency of preservation of Historic and Cultural Monuments; A. Isahakyan, the director of Literature Institute, NAS, RA; deputy director of the Institute of Ethnography and Science G. Sargsyan; deputy director of Art Institute A. Asatryan; the director of the Historical&Cultural Research center H.Simonyan; the director of Music Library G. Nahatakyan; the president of ‘’Art Gallery’’ fund M. Shahinyan. They all mentioned in their speech that the Armenian academic choir became the symbol of unity and discipline as a result of  Hovh. Cheqijyan’s hard work and self-devotion.  Singers of choir, who were present at the event, sang the hymn ‘’ Erebuni-Yerevan’’ dedicating it to the maestro who is also an honorable citizen of Yerevan.

Expressing his thanks, notable benefactor of Armenian choir art said the following. “Thanks a lot to the god for giving me the abilities to raise my motherland. I am rich and happy to serve my motherland”.