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Erebuni 45 years later

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Tomorrow on December 13, ‘’Erebuni’’ Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve is concluding the year by the event entitled as “Erebuni 45 Years Later”. Presenting to our society 45 years ago, Erebuni museum and site became a remarkable episode in the history of Armenia and Yerevan, available both for the learned and wide society.


The restoration of Erebuni city-fortress and the foundation of the museum-reserve became a phenomenon in the Soviet territory; this is why in the international platform the Soviet territory was compared to Egypt, Athens, Babylonia and other old civilizations. The foundation of “Erebuni’’ museum-reserve became an ambition for all Armenians and Yerevanians to present with dignity.

On October 19, 1968 Erebuni opened to the public, introduced to the visitors as the oldest capital of the world founded 2750 years ago. The celebration of Yerevan-2750 was so unforgettable that Erebuni-Yerevan was turned into an annual holiday.

Already 45 years ‘’Erebuni’’ Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve does its best to valorize the past, stimulate the present and be conceited towards the future. Concluding this event, museum-reserve aims to represent its passed way in the context of new projects towards the 2800th anniversary of Yerevan foundation. The museum-reserve hopes that the new exhibition and new restoration of the site will be pivotal for the ceremony towards the 2800th anniversary.

“Erebuni-45’’ not only touches the theme of the opening of the museum and site but also it’s a booking of the future and permanent preservation of this site in the context of new prospects. Within this event, photographs from still library will be shown as a token of gratitude to those people-from officials to the custodians, who devoted themselves to this unique heritage and left it to our city and future generations.

The event will be held on December 13, 2013 at 14:00, Erebuni Museum, Yerevan, Erebuni 38.

Tel. +374 10 43-26-61