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Francofone days at Erebuni

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Today, on March 12, Erebuni Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve of Yerevan Municipality hosted 100 pupils from Yerevan schools №119 after B. Zhakochyan and № 48 after Misak Manushyan towards the International Day of  Francaphone.

Free entrance for francophone began with the permanent exhibition for the 5 groups of pupils.

The director of museum-reserve G. Gyurjyan welcomed the pupils and teachers and particularly appreciating the invaluable role of French as a language of communication and collaboration in a modern world.  In the context of encouraging French, the director of museum-reserve also appreciated the Armenian-French collaboration of Erebuni that is brought to life due to French communication.

Showing their knowledge of French, the pupils of school № 48 after Misak Manushyan performed  two plays in French; “Anban Hurin” (Lazy Huri) and  the ecological series ‘’Save our Planet’’ The pupils of school №119 after B. Zhakochyan  sang French songs from repertoire of Edith Piaf and Helene Segara.

The day of free entry is realized in collaboration with French University in Armenia; the students of the Faculty of Management and Marketing supported the excursions in the museum as volunteers.