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Guests from Smithsonian Museums

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“Erebuni” Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve hosted a group of representative from famous Smithsonian museum: chief counselor of foreign contacts, H. Butween, S. Leen Mothley, the head of Folk Festival, the vice-president of SOLOMAR organization S. Johns and K. Rapkevikyan, the assistant of the head in educational programs of  American Indian Museum.

After visiting the museum, the fortress of Erebuni and ‘’Junior Archaeologist’s school’’ the  guest were interested in future reconstructions of the fortress, improving projects for education and public service: as well as  in structural  subdivision and staff of the museum-reserve.

In the context of restoring the Urartian cuisine and presenting it to the public the Armenian K. Rapkevikyan represented a similar culture project of American Indian museum within which the visitor can taste and form an idea about important elements of non-tangible culture.

Smithsonian museum is a research structure established by the US government in 1846. The institution has publishing, museum and educational functions. Today Smithsonian institution includes 19 museums, 9 research centers which are mainly located in Washington and are administered by the Government of US. These 19 museums house 142 millions items. The institutions releases a magazine named ‘’ Smithsonian ‘’ The Smithsonian institution was founded by British scientist James Smithson after whom the institution is named.

The Smithsonian institution includes African Art Museum, American Art Museum, National Zoo, American Indian Museum, and National Design Museum etc.  Actually, the institution is realizing the largest project, “Life Encyclopedia” directed to the of encouragement of the biodiversity.