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Erebuni museum celebrated Museum Nights for the 10th times

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May17, 2014, from 18:00 Erebuni Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve hosted thousands of visitors, for the 10th times joining Europe. The project, consisting of 5 events, was in one scenario for the 10th anniversary of Museum Nights and was entitled as ‘’Collections make ties’’ named by ICOM and

addressed to the visitors of various interests and age. Like previous year, Yerevan Municipality contributed the free route from Republic Square to Erebuni museum from 19:00 till late at night, encouraging and making easier the visitors way to the birthplace of the capital. Taking into consideration the crowd of visitors, policemen of State Protection Service, RA carried out extra-fortified service both inside the museum and at  Erebuni citadel, providing  the safe protection of public order  and the museum. The museum staff worked hard all day long.

Though the start was to be given at sunset, but early in the morning the museum hosted pupils from the regions of Armenia accompanied by the teachers and parents. Especially was striking a school from Byureghavan with its special festive project and mood: the schoolchildren from  Byureghavan launched balloons from the hill, greeting the 10th Museum Nights.

Pupils of preliminary schools accompanied by their parents spent few hours at practical excavation area, watching the excavations. A lot of adults were also interested in the excavations.

Within the project 3 times was shown a cognitive film “World in the British Museum” watched mainly by adults and students. The film interested people qualified in culture especially the archaeologist and arts critics.

“Van” ensemble of national dance and song, managed by Andranik Harutunyan, made the night more festive. In the museum courtyard sounded the songs “Ashnan gisher”, “Amran gisher”, “Chakharak”, and the youth enjoyed the dances “Urphane”, “Sebastio”, “Zyngyrta”.

Many visitors were attracted by an agate button dating back to the 8th c. BC and exhibited for the first time for one day. Many of them were interested in almost 3000 years old button.

Later, at 9:00 Erebuni joined the online initiative “kaleidoscope”, watching interesting pictures of the 10th Museum Nights inserted in one album till late at night. The “kaleidoscope” which is accessable in, displayed thousands of pictures of European Museums. Thousands of Smartphone  owners accepted the suggestion of  European night digesters “ Take a picture of yourself” and caught fine pictures representing the richness of European  museums. France, Italy, Russia, Romania, Spain and Armenia joined the initiative. Erebuni museum participated in the ‘’kaleidoscope” with the high-relief of the king Arghishti I.

May 17, 2014 “Erebuni” Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve hosted 2400 visitors. 960 of them were visitors of 12-25 age.

“Erebuni” Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve thanks all visitors, partners and supporters. Special thanks to a visitor who preferred the high-relief of the king Argishti to selfie, valorizing the eternity symbol of 2800 years-old Yerevan all over Europe.