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European Heritage Days in Erebuni museum

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This year  “Erebuni” Historical & Archaeological museum-reserve  will join the European Heritage Days with a special  programme. Being  loved and awaited  initiative for the thousands of  the European citizens, the celebration of the  European Heritage Days is an  important event for  observing the national values as the European common heritage. In “Erebuni” Historical & Archaeological museum-reserve  the launch of the European Heritage Days will be marked by a new exhibition  entitled “From Erebuni to Persepolis. At the Crossroad of the Urartian and Achaemenid Cultures”. It will be realized within the framework of the collaboration between “Erebuni” Historical & Archaeological museum-reserve and the  Iranian National Committee for ICOM.

The  exhibition of the illustrated posters, exhibited in the museum’s inner yard,  will mentally lead its visitors to the Urartian and Achaemenid eras,  by representing the history and the  culture of the World Heritage unique monument Persepolis and one of the important values of the Armenian Archaeological heritage Erebuni.  It’s a new opportunity for the visitors to compare the existed cultural interactions between these two ancient cities, as well as to think about  their  important cultural significance  and preservation. In Armenia the  European Heritage Days  is held with the theme “The Heritage of  Commemoration” proposed by the RA Ministry of Culture and dedicated to the Centennial  of  the Armenian Genocide. Joining the abovementioned initiative, Erebuni museum together with the Music Library will come up with a joint concert   programme  “The folk music of the Van region” representing a  small part of the Western Armenia’s rich heritage, abandoned in the result of  the Armenian Genocide. A whole series of folk songs in the participation of the Music Library Choir will be dedicated to the museum visitors.

The events, organized within the framework of the European Heritage Days, will be  summed up with the interesting  lectures on the Urartian and Achaemenid cultures,  held   by the leading Armenian and Iranian specialists.

The opening of the exhibition “From Erebuni to Persepolis. At the Crossroad of the Urartian and Achaemenid Cultures” will be held  in ″Erebuni″ Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve  on September 26, 2015  at 12:00.