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The visit of the director of the Persepolis to “Erebuni” Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve

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On September 30, 2015 the director of  the Persepolis museum /Takht- e-Jamshid/   Mr. Seyed Rezai  visited  “Erebuni”  Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve.  The director of the Persepolis museum, accompanied by the director of  “Erebuni” museum Mr. G. Gyurjyan, got  acquainted both  with the permanent exhibition of the museum and with the temporary exhibition, entitled “From Erebuni to Persepolis. At the crossroad of Urartian and Achaemenid Cultures”, which was organized within the framework of the collaboration of Iran ICOM  and “Erebuni” museum.

In the book of honorable guests Mr. Rezai noted that the power  and the close ties  between the Urartian and Iranian  cultures are matter of pride and  the photo exhibition  of Persepolis  in Erebuni museum is  a wonderful opportunity  for further cooperation and warm relations between these two countries. Within the framework of the visit, the director of Persepolis museum gave an informative lecture  representing  the main issues on  the preservation  and restoration of  Persepolis, as well as spoke about the current activities of the museum. He expressed his gratitude for the warm reception and mentioned that such kind of exhibitions and other cultural events should be organized in Persepolis as well.