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Erebuni was represented in the International Conference on “Earthen National Heritage”

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In october 21-23, 2015, “Erebuni” Historical and Archaeological Museum-Reserve took part in international conference on “Earthen national heritage. The soil as a material for the territorial development of Armenia”. The conference took place in Armenian National Library and was organized within the collaboration of the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia and Lyon National school of Architecture. The director of “Erebuni” Museum-Reserve  Mr. G. Gyurjyan made a report on “Projects for Erebuni - Yerevan.  national heritage, conservation, evaluation and tourism”.

The head of Armenian expedition Mikayel Badalyan together with the head of French expedition  Stephane Deschamps and the member of Armenian-French expedition Meri Karapetyan  made a joint report on the Urartian and post-Urartian architecture and current researches of Erebuni. After studying the ''Erebuni'' Historical and Archaeological Museum-Reserve, the students of The University of Lyon, in cooperation with the students and lecturers of National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia, represented their final projects about the Museum- Reserve.

The reports and presentation of the  projects were summed up in October 23, by visiting  the archaeological sites of Karmir Blur, Shengavit and Erebuni, accompanied by director of  ‘’Erebuni’’ museum-reserve  Mr. G. Gyurjyan.