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Meeting at “Erebuni” Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve

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On January 26, 2016,  a meeting   was  held at “Erebuni”  Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve  between the directors of Yerevan Municipality  “Erebuni” museum, Yerevan History museum, Modern Art museum, Karen Demirchyan  and Fridtjof  Nansen museums  and the  acting head of department of culture and tourism of staff of Yerevan Municipality Mr. Ruben Hovhannisyan.

First of all, the guests, accompanied by the director of “Erebuni” museum Mr.Gyurjyan, walked around the territory of the museum, and Mr. Gyurjyan raised all the problems concerning the preservation of the archaeological site. Then they got acquainted with the permanent exhibition of the museum and made entry in the  book of honorable guests.

Ruben Hovhannisyan mentioned that the aim of the meeting was to highlight the existed problems of the museums of Yerevan municipality and to find the possible solutions. During the meeting, in the temporary exhibition hall, the director of “Erebuni” museum represented all the important issues relating to the scientific, educational, economical and  other spheres. Within this context special attention was given to the Karmir blur  and  Shengavit branches, and a decision was made  to organize  a visit to the above mentioned sites for studying the problems in situ.

At the end of the meeting  R.Hovhannisyan emphasized  that such kind of meeting should be organized in the other museums as well, in the result of which a close collaboration between the Department of Culture and the museums would be developed.