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Archaeologists from Islamic Republic of Iran have joined the Armenian- French expedition

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Recently the Armenian-French expedition was  joined by the Iranian specialists, who are the employees of the IRI  Cultural Heritage Organization  and Tourism Research Centre. The archaeologists from Iran are participating  in the excavations within the framework of the tripartite Memorandum of Collaboration signed in Yerevan on 2015 between the ICOMOS/Armenia NGO, ICOM Armenia and Iran ICOM.

The 6th article of the Memorandum refers to the  joint  archaeological excavations in the both countries  and to the study and publication of  the findings in the result of joint excavations. In May, within the framework of the visit of the Armenian delegation to Teheran, Islamic Republic of Iran and  the agreement  signed between the institutes of the  RA NAS Archaeology and Ethnography  and IRI Cultural Heritage and Tourism  on the wide  scientific researches in the spheres of archaeology, ethnography and folklore, this collaboration was  more strengthened. In  autumn, according to the abovementioned collaboration, the participation of the Armenian archaeologist in the excavations carried out in Persepolis archaeological site is  planned. It is noteworthy, that this productive collaboration with the Iranian side will be continuous, which, certainly, will raise great  interest towards the  Erebuni ciy-fortress, which is the cradle of Yerevan city and exists for  thousands of years.