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The results of the 8-year excavations of the Armenian-French archaeological expedition were summarized at Erebuni

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On July 8, 2016 the Armenian-French archaeological expedition summed up the results of the excavations carried out since 2008. The last phase of the excavations was marked by the number of discoveries and about these findings  with  a detailed reports came up  the French co-head of the expedition Mr. S. Deschamps  and the Armenian co-head of the expedition Mr. M.Badalyan.

Welcoming the guests, who were interested in archaeology, the director of the Erebuni museum Mr. G. Gyurjyan referred to the Armenian-French collaboration from 2008-2016 and  expressed his gratitude  to the Yerevan Municipality, RA Ministry of Culture, RA NAS Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, and especially, to the French Foreign Ministry for  the assistance   of   realizing  the excavations. On the occasion of this successful collaboration, with the welcoming speeches came up  the first Counselor of the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of France to Armenia Mr. N. Faye, deputy Minister of Culture Mrs. A. Samuelyan, deputy mayor of Yerevan Mr. A. Suqiasyan, director of the RA NAS Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography Mr. P. Avetisyan. The speeches made by the Armenian-French expedition were perorated by the Iranian archaeologists.

The director of the Erebuni  museum  Mr. G.Gyurjyan awarded the archaeologists from Iran  certificates symbolizing   the Armenian and Iranian collaboration in the sphere of archaeology.