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M.Piotrovsky, Director of State Hermitage Museum, visited “Erebuni” Museum-Reserve

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On December 12, 2016 the  director of  State Hermitage Museum M.Piotrovsky  visited Erebuni museum, within the official visit to Yerevan. Accompanied by the director of the museum G.Gyurjyan, M.Piotrovsky with his son Boris Piotrovsky got acquainted with the temporary exhibition entitled as “On the traces of Boris Piotrovsky”, dedicated to the outstanding scientist, academician of the Academy of  Sciences of USSR and ASSR Boris Piotrovsky.

He explained all the information displayed on the posters  dedicated to Piotrovskiy’ s  scientific activities, particularly to Karmir Blur with great pleasure . He also presented the stories and pictures concerning his family and sons. The articles, books and jugs unearthed by B.Piotrovsky during the excavation in Karmir blur were exhibited in the separate   vitrines. All these artifacts were kept in the fund and  removed especially for the occasion.

Then, M.Piotrovsky had a discussion with the employees of the museum, officials, architects, archaeologists and students from the universities. G.Gyurjyan, the director of the museum, welcomed and gave to the honorable guest a  bronze replica statuette of a horse-head, found from Karmir blur by B. Piotrovsky. With the greetings also came up many scientists, who had an opportunity to deal with the great scientist  “Boris Piotrovsky”.

Among the participants were  the  students of Piotrovsky, who are now famous scientists of Armenia.The director of the State Hermitage   expressed his gratitude for the warm reception and for wonderfully- organized  exhibition then  presented  to the  museum  books from the State Hermitage. M.Piotrovsky presented  the exhibition halls of  Hermitage dedicated to the Urartu and the  Armenian culture with the help of slides .

At the end of the meeting   in the permanent exhibition hall a surprise was waiting for M.Piotrovsky. There were two vitrines  and in one of the them  there was  a bottle of cognac,  with a funny inscription,  assigned  by B.Piotrovsky in 1971, which he presented to the Erebuni museum and in the second one there was a bottle of cognac «Erebuni-Yerevan 2798», which was also assigned by M.Piotrovski and his son B.Piotrovski in the place.

Before the farewell, M.Piotrovskiy took a photo with the employees of the museum with the hope to meet  again in his “own home” at  Erebuni museum.