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Armenian-Iranian collaboration takes a new turn

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From January 8-12, 2017, an international workshop was held ‘’On the Museum Environment and Preventive Preservation’’ in Tehran, the Islamic Republic of Iran, within the memorandum of collaboration among ICOMOS/Armenia, ICOM/Armenia and ICOM/Iran in September, 2015. Anna Azizyan, the head of research department of ''Erebuni'' Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve, Municipality of Yerevan, participated in the workshop, organized by ICOM-IRAN, RICHT, RCCCR and ICCROM, English Heritage, Eco CI, SRCCCR organizations.Her report was on the environment protection of ''Erebuni'' Historical& Archaeological Museum-Reserve. Participants from many countries such as Britain, Italy, Pakistan, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, were also invited to the workshop. The close cultural collaboration, approved between two countries in 2015, includes a number of theses, which are realized periodically.

Thus, in 2015 was organized an exhibition entitled as ''From Erebuni to Persepolis: at the crossroads of Urartian and Achaemenid cultures'' at Erebuni museum, in participation of many officials, public and cultural figures from Iran.  In answer to this, in May 2016 Erebuni museum organized an exhibition entitled as ‘’Uratian Monuments of the Republic of Armenia’’ at the museum of  “Persepolis” site in Iran, included in the world heritage list. According to another thesis of the memorandum, archaeologist from two countries participated in the excavations carried out in Armenia. Within this thesis, collaboration was approved by the Institute of Archaeology, NAS, RA and the Iran’s Research Institute for Cultural Heritage and Tourism.

Armenian-Iranian collaboration continues productively, and the workshop, held from January 8-12 in Tehran, evidences it. It should be noted that such kind of workshop is going to be held in Yerevan in the nearest future.