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The European Heritage Days in Erebuni Museum

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This year, the European Heritage Days project, implemented by joint initiative of European council and European committee, will launch on 22-23 of September, within the context of  “European Year of Cultural Heritage: The  Art of Sharing”. “Erebuni” Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve will join the initiative on 22 of  September  with a  new electronic exhibition, entitled as “ The Armenian Heritage in Europe: The Art of Sharing”. From very beginning, due to different circumstances the Armenian people have been sheltered around the world. In foreign countries the Armenians created and left rich cultural heritage, sharing the famous art with their exceptional skills. The  creative Armenian masters left their indelible and unique trace in the creation of tangible and intangible values, masterpieces of worldwide heritage.

This exhibition will emphasize the rich heritage of the Armenians, which is shared with the world, and ,today admire everybody due to their  by their exceptionality. After the exhibition “The Armenian Wings” vocal group will introduce heritage keepers the Armenian folk songs. Then, at 15:00 o’clock, the  “Erebuni” Historical and Archeological Museum-Reserve in collaboration with RA Ministry of Culture will organize a scientific-cognitive tour to the Urartian “Karmir Blur” or “Teishebaini” archaeological site, where Mikhail Badalyan,  the head of “Karmir Blur” branch, PhD,  will represent the history of Urartu and particularly  the history of Karmir Blur.