Junior archaeologists got certificates



Today, at “Erebuni” Historiacal & Archaeological Museum-Reserve, took place the presentation of certificates to the students of Junior Archaeologists’ school of 2013, in participation of French archaeologists who are conducting excavations at the fortress.

After greeting the students and their parents Gagik Gyurjyan, the director of museum-reserve, signified the importance of any educational project directed to the preservation of archaeological heritage and emphasized the care of museum-reserve for the improvement of school works.

Stephane Deschamps, the head of French archaeological team, appreciated the organization of 2-years old school educational process as quite impressive and encouraging. He jokingly called the junior archaeologists as  “colleagues’’, mentioning that the ‘’archaeology is a devotion which is more vigilant in the early age’’ and he hoped this initiative will really contribute the professional encouragement of archaeologist among the new generation.

In 2013 14 students were engaged in the junior archaeologists’ school: the youngest of which, 6 years old Artyusha Khachatryan is attending school this year.

Junior Archaeologist’s school is an educational project realized by “Erebuni” Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve. The classes are conducted by Mikayel Badalyan, a young scientist and the employee of museum.