"Erebuni" Museum-Reserve summerized the working year




Today “Erebuni” Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve summarized the working year and celebrated the 45th anniversary of Erebuni museum in company of many guests and colleagues.

The event entitled as “Erebuni 45 years later” gathered here the intelligent, heritage guards, the officials from Yerevan Municipality and Ministry of Culture, honorable citizens of Yerevan, all the ex-directors and the staff of the museum.


The Prime Minister T. Sargsyan and the mayor of Yerevan city T. Margaryan congratulated the staff of the museum. The Prime Minister T. Sargsyan  messaged: “More than four decade you represent the birthplace of our city to the  public and the guests of the republic, deepen the historic  memory of Yerevanians and do your best in order the city-fortress not to lose its identity and be undividable part of the city’s look within modern urban development.”

The director of ‘’Erebuni’’ Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve G. Gyurjyan specified that this initiative is an expression of a gratitude to all those people who stimulate the preservation of Erebuni”  Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve, the only object of the heritage. He also mentioned: “Besides the scientific contents, archaeological heritage comprises a message, and the main message of Erebuni is its age i.e. Erebuni is the collective pride of all Armenians all over the world”

Speaking about the actual problems, G. Gyurjyan mentioned that ‘’Erebuni’’ Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve is trying to present itself as a place for culture, science, leisure and education, but it is difficult to realize it, taking into consideration the restorations carried out 45 years ago and 30 years old exhibition. It should be notified that we must think over the fact how to present on 2800th anniversary of Yerevan and 50th anniversary of the museum.

Suren Narimanyan, the ex-director of the museum, who was also present at the event, was rewarded with Golden Medal by the Ministry of Culture, RA for his long activity in the sphere of heritage preservation and 45th anniversary of the museum. In his speech he mentioned. ‘’Thank you the Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve for doing the things with dignity that I did not manage to realize’’

“Erebuni’’ Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve published the photographs from still library taken on October 19, 1968 at the opening of the museum, where also were inserted excerpts from the writing records of honorable guests.