Yerevan Municipality “Erebuni” Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve is accepting the applications for the 2016 “Junior Archaeologist’s” school courses



“Junior Archaeologist’s” School of Erebuni Historical& Archaeological Museum-Reserve invites the schoolchildren of middle ages to take part in the spring school launching on April 27, 2016. The  course consists of theoretical and practical classes. The duration of the theoretical classes is 2 weeks with the 3 lessons per week. While the duration of the practical excavations   is 2 weeks and is carried out  in the special  educational excavation area  near the museum.

The main goal of the course is to support  young people with the choice of the profession , as well as to promote the preservation of the archaeological heritage by spreading archaeological knowledge.The studies aim at encouraging the youth interested in the archaeology and contributing the valorization of the archaeological heritage by spreading archaeological knowledge. Application deadline is April 26, 2016. Application format is given in the museum, in the Department of Public Relations and Valorization /Yerevan 0020, Erebuni str. 38/. The application form includes first and second names, educational institution, permanent residence, address and phone number. For the details call 43-89-53: Department of Public Relations and Valorazation  or 093-20-05-51 Badalyan Miqayel.